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Indian Tribal Development & Cultural Research Centre [ITD & CRC]

A Unit Of M & D Developmental Trust (MDDT)

Reg No.: 06555/14

Aims and Objectives:

  • To promote establish protect awareness tribal music tribal dance tribal handicraft and their ancient culture.
  • To promote, establish, develop, awareness about tribal health, education, sports and culture, agriculture, self help training.
  • To promote and establish audio visual education on various subjects.
  • To promote and establish multilingual training.
  • To promote and establish Breakout study, elderly education, female education and Mass education.
  • To provide Skill Up gradation Trainings and Vocational Trainings in connection with functional improvement of Self Help Groups and Self Employment Schemes.
  • To promote change the view of tribal farmers to look agriculture as a business not only as the way of living.
  • Educate tribal farmers and tribal farmers’ family about new technology in agriculture.
  • Encourage the tribal farmers to adopt micro irrigation system and less water requiring crops.
  • Arrange agricultural demonstrations exhibition group discussion and farmers trip.
  • To improve skill for growing fresh and safe vegetables without use of any pesticides.
  • To help in the preservation of cattle and useful animals.
  • To promote, establish, maintain, knowledge, show, outline, develop, provide, awareness animal husbandary,, poultry farming, wildlife farming, fisheries science,, fisheries management.
  • To promote regional culture of India through participation in several program's.
  • To promote and organise and participation in Tribal Fair and Exhibition and other Fair and Exhibition.
  • To publish and or publishing books, pamphlets periodicals and news papers in India or outside for the speared and advancement of education and culture.

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